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20 point recap of Paris: Year One

26 May

This year I have…


Modelled for a fashion show

Interviewed David Willets

Attempted tai chi in the Jardin de Luxembourg

Bluffed my way through 10 economics exams

Gotten mugged by Tunisians at 2 in the morning

Been on a shopping spree in Galleries Lafayette

Drank champagne on the Champ de Mars

Met a billionaire

Read at a confirmation service to a French, English and Tamil congregation

Learnt to love KFC

Been labelled a sheep

Taken constitutional law in French

Danced salsa with a racist, sexist Cuban

Learnt about excision, marijuana smoking, mass violence and how to conjugate in Arabic

Ice skated at Hotel de Ville

Lost two ipods

Seen Magic System live

Seen Nick Clegg, but not Francois Hollande… yet

Attended a conference on education

And finally… escaped Cité Universitaire!


Not bad huh? Think I’ll come back next year.


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